13 February 2007


I am a colon!
Find your own pose!

02 January 2007

crap babbled and the new year

Not everything you feel in 2007 will be new, but you'll have a lot more novel emotions than in a typical year. Not everything you do will be creative and imaginative, but I suspect you'll often be improvising your way smartly through experiences that have no precedent. You may not be relentlessly reinventing yourself, but I bet you'll be imitating your old shticks and tricks less than you ever have before.


Without going into the mind-numbing specifics, someone I considered to be a good friend made a comment to me not long before this horoscope appeared that was spoken harmlessly, but was damaging. Initially I was bothered by this, but realized that I portray myself in such a way that might lead people to think untrue things. I let people know me how I want them to know me, and if I can't figure out the "how", I don't bother. I realized that there are others who might agree with the statement in question. They don't know any better! I surely don't want to know the answer to that...but how I act affects people's view of me, whatever that view is. I'm currently in no position to take offense. Lesson learned, though. And this horoscope showing up when it did, well, that solidifies it.

But enough about stuff that only makes sense to me!

It's a new year, and though I've established a mild outline of resolutions for the year, I have a general idea what I'm doing. Exercise and diet are first and foremost again, but with impending nuptuals, I'm all the more driven. No McDonalds in 2007! Seriously. It's the only establishment that poses a threat, as any other fast food chain is at least fifteen miles away, if not more. I'll be reading more, again, and cleaning on a semi-regular basis. There are other things, but I've yet to formulate a plan. Once I do, though, be sure I'm going to make a bulleted list for my own and others' enjoyment.

Happy New Year!