30 September 2005

blame it on the rain

I worked eight hours alone today, and in that time I did just about all of Movie Gallery's business, thanks to the freak three-hour rain storm that hit, bringing with it fierce, blustering winds that... literally... lifted and haphazardly deposited customers into the store. I only broke the computer once, and the customers waiting for me to loudly and stressfully fix the problem over the phone all seemed to sympathize. Or simply not speak to me. Either way, I survived. I hurt immensely, as I think my shoes aren't appropriate for standing in place hours on end. But I'm alright. Don't nobody worry 'bout me.

Tomorrow afternoon we're going to house-sit in the woods. Jeremy's folks are going to Michigan to bring their other son a car, then will bus back. In the meantime we get a mini-vacation. She bought groceries, has provided ample dollars for gas... not that there is more exciting than here. If anything, it's duller. But there's no better place to enjoy nothingness. As of Saturday I start my three days off in a row, after working every day since Sunday. (yet somehow still only have 26 hours?)

Lorrie's moving to California on Saturday. We're going to see each other in some way, shape or form tomorrow evening. I'm not sad, but definitely aware that something is changing. Does that make sense? And of course I'm envious of her upcoming road trip. The driving's the best part of moving far away. It's the only positive thing I've taken from the six months in Washington (not that Washington was a bad place, just that Washington refused to feed, shelter, or befriend us. Washington mocked our pain, and laughed at our misfortune. Thanks, Washington. No, wait! Don't leave! I love you!)
Animal Crossing, the most addictive game Nintendo has ever created, has finally started being fun again. I'm off to fish and catch bugs. Jeremy caught a salmon the other day, and I still need one. I'm four fish away from a golden rod, and I'm getting impatient. So I'm going to desperately forage through the town, and make my presence known.

29 September 2005

today's unwarranted, unnecessary posting

You'd better sit down. You are suffering from
Annie's Disease.

Cause: running too fast
Symptoms: excessive suicidal thoughts, dementia, neck swelling
Cure: exercise

Oh, the fun to be had on the internet!

Not only have I been assigned a middle name ("Eagle-12", thanks!), but I've learned that product-wise, I'm "a piece of string that plays MP3s, automatically avoids obstacles and holds up to twenty cigarettes."

n. complicated acronym, meaning violence.
"Want some annie, Mom?"

Enough of that.

Work was okay. A guy I've dubbed "Evil Camper Man" spent two hours tonight not renting movies. He slowly, silently studied every movie box in the store. "Just looking," he told me when I asked if he needed assistance. Co-worker Amber came in to rent movies while he was in, and told me he spent a large chunk of time there yesterday as well. She seems to think he parks the camper in a nearby dirt field, and that's where he lives. He looks harmless enough, but two hours in a slow, small store is a REALLY LONG TIME when you're alone, and it's getting dark, and the guy refuses to respond to small talk. I get paid to engage you, sir. Please, play along!

I finally finished the sixth Harry Potter book. I can't say anything, because all I can do at this point is ruin it for other people. There's not much to say other than the spoiler bit, except that getting a copy of the seventh book is not going to be easy when the time comes.

My college application is still missing a page. I have to find the sheet that lists relatives who've attended the UMaine system, then send it to Orono, so they can ship my application to Farmington from there. I don't know what the cut-off date for spring enrollment is, but I can't imagine I'm going to make it. But you never know, right? Positive thinking!

28 September 2005

weathering the storm

Well thank god that's done!

I survived the extended weekend with minimal sleep, far less coffee than is fair to deprive any person of, and an alarming desire to never never never get married. At least not in front of people. I would've assumed that attending a wedding where 4/5ths of the attendees aren't complete strangers would be a pleasant change of pace. NOPE! I can't handle the small-talk. Or the stress. I can now only start to imagine the hell that would ensue if all my family and friends were stuck in a small, poorly-decorated room, celebrating me in a dress I detest, listening to the music I enjoy (oldies, polka, and powerpop), eating the food I like to eat (mac'n'cheese with red hot dogs cut in, just about anything slow-cooked, and cheesecake).

Supposedly, while we were prepping the Elks lodge for my sister's reception, there was a cheesecake-eating contest taking place less than a mile away, as part of "Riverfest". It's supremely unfair that I miss these events. Not that I needed the excess mass...my maid-of-honor strapless top was hooker-tight as it was, displaying my ample torso for all who cared to view it. And after the food, breathing was a chore, let alone dancing. I did it, mind you. No one can accuse me of not loving my sister.

My first shift alone at the video store is tomorrow night. I'm almost sure I can just about handle it. Does that sound confident enough? Positive thinking, I tell you!

We watched "Beauty Shop" last night, and "Layer Cake" this morning. If you haven't seen these films, then run...RUN!...to your local video store, or log...LOG!...onto your nearest internet-ready computer, and get them. Watch them. Appreciate them. Also, "The Wool Cap" was good.

21 September 2005

jenna von oy: shapeshifter

I thought I woke up at 8:00 this morning. Only upon going downstairs to re-heat yesterday's coffee did my rising time come into question. The clock on the microwave said it was 9:42. Adelphia agreed with them, as the same time was on the cable box. Weird. So I didn't get an impressive start to the day, but I'm still proud of 9:42 without an alarm on a day off. I know I dreamed weirdly last night, but all I can remember now is the school setting, Liza Weil asking me why I'd let myself slide academically, and Jenna Von Oy shapeshifting. No clue how that fits in, but it happened. It was scary. Scary and awesome.

This is a full week. Tomorrow I go into work at 7:00 a.m. to help with inventory. I leave at 3:00 and go directly to Old Town to help my sister get ready for her wedding on Saturday. I will be her errand girl for the latter part of tomorrow; the rehearsal dinner and impromptu bachelorette party (with minimal booze and zero naked dancing men...I'm not related to my sister at all) is on Friday; Saturday she gets hitched. Then Sunday I drive back for work at 3:00.

I'm going to a wedding, or a wedding-related function, every weekend of October. This is the year for everyone I know who hasn't already tied the knot or had babies to follow suit. The pressure is palpable. I've been with Jeremy four years, and the family's starting to ask questions. And Emily wants Joe3 to have contemporaries, and is bribing her sister and me with gifts and food in exchange for a baby. I have to say, I do like food and presents...

And that seems like a good place to stop! More soon.