26 December 2006

a christmas gift?

Our northbound Christmas proved to be successful. We stopped in to see assorted members of the George family, ate a lot (Georges are feeders. You eat or you take the food with you)...pretty good afternoon. We headed to the Stovers from there, and we ate more and relaxed and it was quite nice. It all went quite well, and we received way too many gifts, per usual. My mom and her new boyfriend, Sherwin, and Lorrie and Peter stopped up for an hour on Christmas Eve, and unloaded a few gifts (which confused me to no end, because we're supposedly having Christmas in Sanford on the 27th). Christmas Day we headed back to Jay around 11:00, and got home with time enough to lounge around and do nothing before I headed in to work.

Two of the Ebay dresses arrived while we were gone. I also got an interesting piece of mail from the University of Maine. I don't know what to make of it. Here:

Dear Ann-Marie:

The Admissions office forwarded your application to me and indicated that you didn't have to apply through that office since you've done that in the past.

Please fill out the enclosed Returning Student Data sheet and return it to me. Since you plan to begin classes in the Fall 2007, I will process the form early March. When you list your intended major as Child Development/Family Relations, please indicate also if you want to Early Childhood Education option which leads to teacher certification, grades K-3.

Sincerely, -.

So. I'm not sure if this is just a different application sheet, if it means I am in fact going back in the fall, if "processing the form (in) early March" means they'll consider letting me back then, or if I'm officially back in the system at that point. I should call and ask. But part of me wonders if I'm supposed to know this already, by some blatantly obvious piece of information that's been provided, that maybe I just haven't interpreted correctly. Jeremy seems to think this is good. I am relieved that I won't have to pay the application fee. I refuse to think anything else on the subject. I do think it's funny that I got to open this potentially promising letter on Christmas Day.

I desperately need to clean today. Coming back from two days away from our apartment, I was fully aware of the mild stench of unwashed dishes. And though clutter doesn't technically stink, it was overwhelming. It looks like Christmas accidentally landed in the trash can right before exploding. I'm usually unfazed by some disorganization, but this has reached a new level. Orange, to borrow from Homeland Security. Is orange a moderate threat? I wouldn't call it red, but I might call it deep sunset, if you know what I mean. Dishes are definitely on the agenda. And, luckily, tomorrow is Trash Day.


Bill D. said...

So are you back from Yahoo 360, or is this a temporary updatey-return sort of thing? Not that I actually know what that is.

Anyway, it was fun having breakfast with you guys last week! And it's always sort of amazing that the Irving diner manages to defy the odds by actually being pretty good (bacon of questionable quality aside, anyway). Best french toast I've had in some time... who knew?

Annie said...

i'm double-posting because one of my humble readers can't access 360 from work. and what's a little cutting and pasting between friends?

next time, we're going to the farmington diner, and we're all getting tony's specials!