25 July 2006

anger and perfection

It's always hardest to write when there are things to write about. Not things of interest to the general public really, but things that would benefit my mental health to jot down. But since when has senility been any fun? In a nutshell, I've decided not to take the job. Not that anyone of power has brought it up since last time I wrote. Since being offered the assistant manager position, I've started really despising my job. Then I'd go home, and despise my life, only to go to bed and despise sleeping. And I couldn't justify or explain the anger. Nor could I pinpoint what had pissed me off so severely. The fact is, whether it makes sense or not, I've only stayed at this job because I haven't had any other options. The plan has always been to quit after I got a car. And, since the job requires me to have a car, staying doesn't make sense. People aren't going to understand not taking it for experience's sake, or just to make more money. But I can't be pissed off all the time. It's not worth it.

Okay. Better. Now, let's bullet the last month:
-found a car for Jeremy, but it didn't pan out. It would've been a '98 Dodge Stratus, gold in color. Liken it to a cardigan, if cardigans were drivable.
-went to Game Night at Jim & Jhawn's. Lost at Trivial Pursuit, had some good food and drink, and a fun time with friendly folks. And someone almost saw my hoo-hoo.
-decided to move to Brunswick area after all...but when? Fall?

Huh. I guess it's been a dull month for bullet-worthy news. I had another bulletable point, but it seemed a little too wordy for bulleting. Jeremy and I had a perfect day on July 19th. We started the day with candlepin bowling in Rumford. We were the only people there, and we bowled five strings a piece. We then spent a good fifteen minutes talking with Evie (EH-vee), the older lady who was working that afternoon. She directed us to the Free Shop in Mexico, where you go in, take stuff and leave. It's FREE! We gave a fifty cent donation, as not to be complete and total assholes, and came away with a couple shirts, a few books, and a Texas tin platter. We drove back home and grabbed swimsuits, and found a swimming area in Wilton, where we swam (go figure.). We had a late lunch out at the Chuck Wagon, the Livermore Falls restaurant that outdates any other local business in the area. Ribs were consumed, decor was appreciated, and we went home full. Later that evening our standing Project Runway guest came over to watch Project Runway. (there was no easier way to word that. sorry.) A perfect day.

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em said...

I forgot about the free store! yay!

happy summer