28 July 2006

brunswick on the prairie

It's funny how much one can learn from a show by concentrated viewing. I've been watching a lot of Little House on the Prairie these past couple of weeks. And tuning in regularly has allowed me something I can't ever remember experiencing - a season-long story arc. Sure, every episode has it's own thing going on, but they also have recurring points and themes. It never occured to me that Little House on the Prairie would bother. It seemed somehow different from most other programs. And I see it in a whole new light. I'm not sure what that light is saying, but I'm still riveted enough to keep recording episodes. I think we're somewhere in season five at the moment. Only a true fan, or the Hallmark channel, could confirm that with any authority. I'm also learning that every member of the cast is related to someone else. For instance, just this morning I learned that the actors that play Albert Ingalls and Andy Garvey are brothers! Know who else is related? Laura Ingalls and Willie Oleson - also siblings! Mrs. Garvey and Mrs. Oleson lived in the same neighborhood and occasionally cared for the same stray dog before working together on the show. The things you can learn from the internet, I tell you!

Yesterday I dropped Jeremy at work and spent the day in Brunswick. If you've never spent a day in an area you don't know that well without making a day's worth of plans, don't. I left Lewiston at 10:30, and got to the Target in Topsham before 11:00. I spent an endless-seeming thirty minutes perusing their wares, trying to kill some time before meeting up with Dan for lunch. I left Target with a shirt, a tiny flippy notebook, and a blank card. I drove around aimlessly, then sat parked and filled out the blank card. Lunch was fun (the coffee was excellent!), and I got to see Dan and Tori's maybe-new house. From there, I dropped Dan off, and attempted to head to Bath. My first time missing the turn, I wound up in Woolwich. I turned around only to miss another turn, and was well on my way to Arrowsic (have I mentioned, I have never heard of either of these towns?). I eventually found my way to "Historic Bath" and parked. I looked around a small bookstore, and was harassed about the environment (it was all fine and good until she found out I had no on-the-spot money to give). I found my way back to the car and tooled around the streets a bit. It was my understanding beforehand that there was a "Good Bath/Bad Bath" differentiation. After experiencing both, I'd have to describe it as "Tourist Bath/Crap Bath". I'm sure it's pleasant in the off-season, but I doubt I could live there.

From there, I went to Cook's Corner, to see if there was a store I could effectively kill another four hours in. I found Bookland, and managed to knock nearly two hours off the afternoon. I bought a book and a newspaper, and headed back to Maine St. in hopes of finding a place to get coffee and read. The one place I had in mind (Frosty's? Frostee's?) closed at 2:00. I walked a bit, and found nothing in the immediate area. So I got back in the car and drove further down, finding the Bohemian Coffee Shop (the only part of the name I'm sure of is "Bohemian"). Parked, went in, and promptly recognized one of the baristas as a spelling bee attendee (couldn't remember his name, and he didn't seem to recognize me, so I didn't bother saying anything). The other barista was surly, and ignored me while helping the two people behind me. Apparently, politely standing with cash in hand and an enthusiastic expression re: coffee isn't going to get you served. My bad, I forgot that enthusiasm isn't very bohemian! When everyone else was gone, the guy asked what I wanted. "Large coffee, please." Long pause..."Hot or cold?" "Hot" (I dropped the please, because it seemed to make him angrier). "$1.75". I paid, did the doctoring, and sat with the paper. I left ten minutes later. It was 4:00. I saw no other choice but another trip to Target (which, for perhaps the first time in my life, wasn't something I was looking forward to), and bought cups and socks. Twenty minutes, if that. I decided to just go back to Lewiston, and sit and read until Jeremy got out at 7:00. The Devil Wears Prada helped pass the time. (It was cheap, and I was curious - so far, so good). Jeremy got out, we went to the Tin Tin Buffet, where I ate way too many desserts, then proceeded home. For the most part, I couldn't call my day "successful", but I'm not dissuaded from a potential move.

More thunderstorming just started (this seems to be a daily occurrence - what's it all mean, Al?). More later.


em said...

i wish we had those thunderstorms

Dan said...

I also find the Bohemian staff to be a little curt sometimes. Well I used to, until they realized I was Tori's husband - Mr. Tori. Now they're quite pleasant to me.

Frosty's has bitch'n doughnuts, plus all the right-wing propaganda you can shake a stick at! The owners are terrifying born again Christians, but the heavily liberal townsfolk still frequent the place - the doughnuts are that good!

Lunch was fun! Sorry the rest of the day wasn't. I told you I'm lousy at directions. =)

Tori! said...

The Bohemian is one of my favorite places on earth. I will heartily reprimand them for their slight.

Bill said...

I think there are two main reasons I don't drink coffee very often. One is that it makes me kinda sick, but the other is that most of the people who make it for a living are right bastards.

Erin just finished The Devil Wears Prada and liked it a whole lot.

Erin said...

Yes - The Devil Wears Prada is a very fun quick read... While most of the time I did really feel for the main character, I did have to say that I thought she was kind of lazy sometimes. But it was still a really good book. I can't wait to see the movie!

Anonymous said...

I go there all the time and have one question...was there a cell phone in your hand 'cause if you're on the phone they will ignore you.

Annie said...

nope...i don't own a cell phone.